LINE Camera

So I’d been looking for a text-on-photo app that handles different Japanese fonts and couldn’t think of any other than TegakiCamS, until I found out that Line Cam has a bunch of Asian fonts (so far looks like just Japanese and Korean) you can download!! Goodbye, TegakiCamS… you were great but I couldn’t deal with your 640x640px resolution.


This is why we can’t have nice things

The other day I was riding the metro (LA subway) and noticed a mother and daughter sitting near me. I had noticed while waiting on the platform that the daughter was somewhat sulky and probably didn’t want to be there. On the train she was sitting in the seat behind her mother instead of next to her. After a few stops I noticed she was starting to undo her mother’s braids and I wondered at first if the mother was aware but after she whipped out the scissors I figured, Okay, they’re just redoing the braids.

When the stop came for them to get off, they got up and I noticed the floor was covered with hair! I’m not talking about a few strands here and there, but if I swept it up I could probably get a good fistful. The mom looked back and noticed, but only shrugged and said, “Oh geez, we made a mess, huh?” and then walked off. GROSS!!! Why would you not tell your kid to put the clippings in a bag to throw away later??? Is that not common courtesy? Why is it so easy for people to treat public/other people’s property so poorly!? THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!!! Grrrr!